"Boat Series 2021 24x20" by Janet Swahn - Acrylic and Texture on Canvas $1,895
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn
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Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 0
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 1
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 2
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 3
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 4
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 5
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 6
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 7
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 8
Boat Series 2021 24x20 Original Painting by Janet Swahn - 9

Janet Swahn

Boat Series 2021 24x20

Original Painting : Acrylic and Texture on Canvas
Size : 24x20 in  |  61x51 cm

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Hand SignedLower in Paint 

Condition Excellent 

Not FramedGallery wrapped does not need framing 

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Janet Swahn - United States

Art Brokerage: Janet Swahn American Artist: Janet Swahn was born in New Orleans in early 1960's. Her family has a lineage of artistic talent. From an early age, Janet learned from her Dad, Bob Shepherd, a renowned commercial graphic artist, a natural feel of flow, color, space and design.rnrn rnrnSince 1990, Janet has owned galleries, enjoying life as an Art Dealer and Interior Designer with her husband. During these decades, she engaged collectors, gathering valuable input as to what motivates their decisions to collect specific art. With this treasured information, she concentrated on a series of expressive paintings. Using strong color and much texture, Janet's work emerged as expressionist, abstract art with a hint of impressionism. Because of a freedom in style, Janet's paintings are highly energetic, flowing from loose painting stroke, enhanced with texture utilizing multiple instruments such as brushes, palette knife, and medium gels. Creating emotions of people, paintings capture thought provoking passion, warmth and beauty of life with an avant-garde flair. There is a strong influence of Picasso and Modigliani evident in paintings as her style evolved over the past decade. Impressive use & blends of colors in rich layers outline shades and light. This unique style of layering color brings movement which give Janet's paintings a unique quality. She explains that an area as small as 1" may hold 10-20 different layers of paint to create her desired look. Utilizing predominantly palette knife, Janet's extensive texture demands attention, giving paintings beauty when viewed closely or afar. She admits at times, the knife is set down and brushes and fingers enter onto canvases. "When I paint, I use what my creative flow and it directs." Janet adds, "As my artistic career has progressed, I create unique pieces and my collectors find them. My motivation comes from their enthusiasm. I am intrigued when I see my pieces displayed all over the world, in various settings. I see everyone else's creativity as they display my paintings within their spaces." Janet enjoys liberty of creating various subjects from abstract to expressionism, but remains true to her own personal style in each creation. Paintings by Janet Swahn are displayed in private & public installations in over 25 states in America and 18 countries throughout Europe, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, China, Singapore & France to name a few. Listings wanted.

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