Listings Hints / Photo Guide

Listing Hints / Photo Guide

Quality photos are the most important part of your listing.

Before submitting your listings

Your first step should always be to provide multiple high quality photos and accurate listing information. This significantly increases your chances of receiving an offer and being featured in our social media and email campaigns. Try to think about what YOU would want to see if you were interested in purchasing a high value work of art.

Our listing form is the result of 20+ years of experience buying and selling art on the internet. Please read and follow ALL the directions carefully. This includes the information in the help tooltips that appear on each step. Please provide as much accurate information as possible!

Keep in mind, we are not in the business of appraising art. We are brokers. Do your research and take your artwork to a local gallery or expert if necessary. We do not reveal the final sale price for any of our listings, so please do not ask. Art Brokerage reserves the right to refuse any listing at our complete discretion.

After submitting your listings

You can see how many times your listing has been viewed by logging in and locating the view count next to each listing in your dashboard. If your listing seems to be generating a high number of views, but isn't receiving many offers, we recommend adjusting the asking price or providing higher quality photos.

For best results, we recommend listing with Art Brokerage exclusively until your artwork is sold. This reduces confusion for the buyer and helps us maintain accuracy with our inventory.

Keep your contact information up to date and provide multiple points of contact for the best experience. We suggest providing a backup email address and phone number if possible. Being able to quickly and easily get a hold of you is critical to making a successful sale.

Quality Photos

Quality photos are the most important part of a listing

You should provide AT LEAST 5 high quality photos of your listing. These photos should be taken with a modern mobile phone or camera capable of taking high resolution photos. We strongly suggest taking your photos outside in natural light.

View example photos

Framed artwork

Listings for framed artwork should include photos of the entire front and back (verso). These photos should be as close to the artwork as possible without losing the edges of the frame. Include a close-up shot of the corner of the frame as well as any signature or numbering if applicable.

Unframed artwork

Listings for unframed artwork should include photos of the entire front and back (verso), showing the entire work beyond the edges of the paper. Close up shots of the signature, numbering, date, and/or printer chop marks are required if the work contains them.


Listings for sculptures should include photos taken outside on a raised table from a minimum of four different angles. Close up shots of foundry marks, stamps and/or signatures are required if the sculpture has them.

Things to avoid

Things to avoid

  1. Pets or people in your photos.
  2. Poor lighting, glare, or out of focus photos.
  3. Background distractions that may divert the viewer's focus from the artwork.
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    Client information is private and confidential; we do not share, trade, or sell to anyone ever. We work very hard to make sure our listings are accurate. If you see a problem with any listing on our site, please report it immediately.

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Need Help?

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